Shelf life of tinned food: tips for storing tins

Storage of unopened tinned food

For optimum storage of cans and jars, it is advisable to choose a cool and dry place. Ideally, they should be stored on a shelf or in a cupboard, away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

– Extended shelf life of food
– Reduction of food losses
– Possibility to use seasonal products all year round
– Efficient preparation of meals in large quantities
– Time and cost savings
– Preserving the nutrients and taste of food
– Better planning and organization in the kitchen

– Additional work for canning, preserving or pickling food
– Requires special knowledge and skills in handling conservation techniques
– Risk of incorrect handling during preservation, which can lead to spoilage

  • Restriction to certain types of food that are suitable for preservation
    – Possibility of changes in taste or consistency problems with preserved foods

Prevention of rust and bloating

To prevent the cans from rusting, it is important not to store them directly on the floor. You should also make sure that the cans are not damaged and that there are no dents or bloating, as this could indicate possible spoilage.

Storage and shelf life

Correct storage of the can contents

To store the contents of opened tins correctly, it is advisable to transfer the leftovers to a suitable container and seal it airtight. Make sure that the container is clean and stored in the refrigerator at a maximum temperature of 7 degrees Celsius.

Best before date and edibility

Despite the expiry of the best-before date, the opened cooked food can still be eaten for a few days, provided it has been stored correctly. However, pay attention to changes in the appearance, smell or taste of the contents and dispose of the leftovers if you are unsure.

Do glass jars keep better?

Dark storage for quality preservation

To preserve the quality of the contents of jars, place them in a dark place to minimize the influence of light. Light can cause the taste and consistency of the contents to change.

Temperature control and light protectionMakesure that the preserving jars are kept at a constant temperature to ensure shelf life. Avoid large temperature fluctuations, as this can affect the quality of the contents. Also protect the glass jars from direct sunlight to prevent them from heating up unintentionally.

Fish and meat – the fresher, the better

It is common knowledge that food can spoil, especially if it is not stored properly. The shelf life of canned and preserved food is significantly longer than that of fresh fish and meat. A best-before date on a tin can does not mean that the contents have expired, but only that they can be kept until this date. In reality, many canned foods have an unlimited shelf life and can remain edible long after the best-before date as long as they are stored correctly.

Tropical canned food has a particularly long shelf life and can still be eaten beyond the best-before date as long as the can has not been exposed to direct sunlight. That’s why you shouldn’t throw away your preserves lightly, but instead eat more and use the contents of tins properly to avoid food going to waste. You can significantly extend the shelf life of canned food by storing it correctly, thus ensuring that your food will keep for a long time.

General storage tips

Cold storage for canned food

Always store canned food in a cool place to preserve the quality of the contents. Avoid placing canned food near heat sources such as the stove or heater, as this can affect the shelf life.

Health aspects and preserving freshness

Make sure to check canned food regularly for damage. Dispose of canned food with severe dents or bloated cans immediately to avoid health risks. Consume canned food before the best-before date to ensure the freshness and quality of the contents.


Important summary of canning storage tips

You should always store your canned food in a cool place to preserve its quality. Check regularly for damage and dispose of severely damaged or bloated cans immediately. Consume the canned food before the best-before date to enjoy the freshness and quality.


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