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More than sterilization: a world of culinary possibilities! Welcome to the world of KORIMAT, where innovation is changing not just sterilization, but the entire culinary landscape. Discover a wealth of possibilities that go far beyond what the KORIMAT is known for at first glance.

Possible applications ...

Don’t just cook, create culinary masterpieces directly in the KORIMAT.

  • Fry meat for goulash or bolognese,
  • cook tender vegetables
  • or prepare delicious soups, sauces and stocks.

The KORIMAT is not just a sterilizer – it is your culinary all-rounder. Experience the versatility of the KORIMAT.

  • Mature salami,
  • steam vegetables,
  • Melt lard
  • – the possibilities are almost limitless.

The KORIMAT is not just a cooking appliance; it is a melting pot of creativity for every kitchen. The KORIMAT is not just an appliance, but a revolution in your kitchen.

From sterilization to culinary creation, it offers a wide range of possibilities. Discover the freedom to take your cooking to a new level – with the KORIMAT, the all-in-one genius in your kitchen.

sometimes you need "more".

Small. Large. Larger.


Perfectly suited for: Beginners or in rooms with limited space, the KA 160 proves to be extremely efficient. The versatility of this handy appliance is demonstrated by its ability not only to sterilize, but also as a compact kettle that brews and boils deliciously. Whether for cold cuts or cooked sausages on a core or for classic sterilization.


Perfectly suited for: Customers who not only want to sterilize larger quantities, but also want to integrate a large-volume kettle into their kitchen equipment. With twice the capacity of the KA 160, the “240ziger” from KORIMAT offers outstanding performance for a wide range of applications such as sterilizing, cooking and scalding.


Perfectly suited for: “doers” The fully automatic control system, already in the KA 240 and now also in the KA 380, does not even stop at industrial challenges. With this technological advance, KORIMAT enables efficient and reliable sterilization and the processing of large quantities in industrial environments. An enrichment for every company.

Control system

Semi-automatic and fully automatic

The KORIMAT autoclaves offer two different control options: semi-automatic and fully automatic control. With the semi-automatic version, the back pressure can be controlled manually, while the cooling phase runs automatically. This enables flexible adjustment and individual control over the cooking process.

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The fully automatic control, on the other hand, takes over the heating phase, cooking phase and cooling phase completely automatically. This advanced control technology takes the strain off the operator and ensures that cooking processes are carried out consistently and precisely.

An outstanding feature of the KORIMAT control system is the software developed in-house, which is tailored precisely to the needs of our customers. The focus is on user-friendliness, with simple operability, a clear structure and maximum comprehensibility for everyone. This customization enables users to make their workflows more efficient while achieving the highest quality standards.


KORIMAT IOT: Maximum transparency, efficiency and safety in cooking process documentation.

In the world of culinary precision, every detail is crucial. The KORIMAT has thought one step ahead to take your cooking experience to a new level. With our pioneering IoT integration, we are not only revolutionizing the sterilization process, but also the way you record and document your cooking protocols.

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For us, it is not only important what you cook, but also how you cook it. With KORIMAT IOT, every boil is meticulously recorded and documented. Absolute traceability is guaranteed so that you can not only conjure up masterpieces on your plate, but also understand the precision behind them. Our innovative IoT technology makes transferring cooking protocols easier than ever before. Simply enter the desired e-mail address in the control unit, select the relevant cooking protocols and let the KORIMAT do the rest. KORIMAT IOT not only provides you with a log, but also a comprehensive compilation of all relevant information. The date, time, name of the food and detailed parameters such as pressure, F-value, cooking time, core temperature and cooking temperature are available at a glance. Enjoy transparency and control over every aspect of your cooking process. The KORIMAT IOT – an investment in the future of your cooking experience. Experience the perfection of every dish with transparent, efficient and safe cooking process documentation.


The KORIMAT quick-release fastener – for safe and effortless work.

Your safety is our top priority. The KORIMAT quick-release fastener ensures a safe working environment by being easy to use and offering maximum safety at the same time.

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Your certainty – the KORIMAT remains securely closed under pressure. Our innovative push bar sets a further safety standard. Unintentional opening of the KORIMAT under pressure is prevented by the push bar. When the rod is actuated, the pressure is equalized directly – for safe working without compromise.
The KORIMAT quick-release fastener – for maximum safety, time savings and effortless handling. Discover a new era of sterilization with KORIMAT!


Precision in detail: The exact pressure control in the KORIMAT.

At the heart of the KORIMAT is a groundbreaking technology that takes your sterilization processes to a new level – precise pressure control through our innovative valves. Every detail is designed to ensure safety, efficiency and individuality.

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Safety valve – maximum safety guaranteed:

The safety valve in the KORIMAT is the guardian of your safety. Its task is to ensure that the pressure in the device never rises above critical limits. The precise setting prevents potential risks and allows you to enjoy a calm cooking experience, full of confidence in the performance of our autoclave.

Overflow valve – Individual pressure control for every packaging:

The KORIMAT sets standards with its overflow valve, which ensures customized pressure control for every packaging. Each type of sterilization process requires an individual back pressure, and our overflow valve adapts flexibly to your requirements. Regardless of whether you are sterilizing delicate food or robust packaging – the KORIMAT regulates the cooking pressure precisely and reliably.

Precise pressure control – the key to perfection:

What makes the KORIMAT unique is the unsurpassed precision of its pressure control. Each autoclave is designed not only to meet the highest safety standards, but also to enable precise adaptation to the specific requirements of your sterilization processes. You can rely on the accuracy that only the KORIMAT can offer.

Fully automatic control – future technology for your kitchen:

The KORIMAT raises the bar even higher with the optional fully automatic control system. The fully automatic process control valve precisely regulates the back pressure during various cooking and cooling phases. This innovation even makes it possible to sterilize delicate soft packaging with maximum efficiency.

In the world of sterilization, every detail counts. Put your trust in the KORIMAT and experience the revolution of precise pressure control – for safety, efficiency and the perfection of every sterilization process.

The circulation pump in the KORIMAT works like the heartbeat of your kitchen. It ensures efficient distribution of heat throughout the autoclave, which results in faster heating. After the sterilization process, the circulation pump enables the KORIMAT to cool down quickly. This not only saves time, but also offers the flexibility to get the autoclave ready for the next use more quickly.

Efficiency meets speed – the KORIMAT makes it possible. The even distribution of temperatures is the key to outstanding results. Our circulation pump ensures that the heat is circulated evenly through the KORIMAT. The result: precise temperature control that forms the basis for perfect sterilization and cooking creations.


The revolution in heating technology: versatility and efficiency with KORIMAT

The KORIMAT is more than just an autoclave – it is your versatile partner in the kitchen. With the choice between electric and gas heating, we offer you the flexibility that perfectly suits your requirements.

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No matter which version you choose, maximum performance and efficiency are guaranteed. Our electric heating variant differs fundamentally from other manufacturers – the heating element is not located in the boiler room, but underneath it.

This intelligent substructure system not only enables more efficient heat transfer, but also creates space for a culinary revolution. The KORIMAT is not only designed to sterilize water. Use it as an open kettle and discover a world of limitless culinary creations.

Roast meat, cook stocks, render lard – the KORIMAT is the versatile cooking pot for all food applications.

The KORIMAT – more than an autoclave, more than a cooking appliance. Experience the fusion of versatility and efficiency in an innovative heating system that redefines the way you cook and sterilize. Welcome to a world of culinary possibilities with KORIMAT!

Add-On: Wagrumat

Saving time, conserving energy, conserving resources. With the WAGRUMAT, you can use the hot water efficiently and continue the cooking process in the KORIMAT smoothly. Don’t miss the opportunity to increase the productivity and efficiency of your KORIMAT system.

Our innovative WAGRUMAT water storage tank was specially developed for use in conjunction with the KORIMAT system. Contact us today for more information or to make an appointment for a personal consultation. Our experienced team will be happy to answer your questions about the WAGRUMAT water storage tank for the KORIMAT system.

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After the cooking phase:
Hot water is fed into the WAGRUMAT and stored there.

Next cooking phase:
Hot water is returned to the KORIMAT, thus shortening the next heating phase

Secondary use:
Hot water can be used for other purposes, cooled in a controlled manner or disposed of at the end of production

The WAGRUMAT offers you a number of advantages:

Efficient use of hot water: By using the WAGRUMAT, you can store the hot water produced in the KORIMAT after the boiling phase and save it for later use. This ensures efficient use of the heated water and avoids wasting energy.

Seamless cooking process: The WAGRUMAT allows you to continue the cooking process in the KORIMAT seamlessly. As soon as the KORIMAT is refilled with new goods, the WAGRUMAT can feed the stored hot water back into the KORIMAT.

Flexibility and adaptability: The WAGRUMAT can be easily integrated into the existing KORIMAT system. It is designed for smooth communication with the KORIMAT and enables simple operation.

User-friendliness and maintenance: The WAGRUMAT is equipped with user-friendly operating elements that enable simple control and monitoring. Maintenance of the storage tank is minimal, and high-quality materials and components ensure a long service life.

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