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Over 60 years in business and the continuous innovative development of KORIMAT autoclaves make them tried and tested appliances for food preservation.

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Over 60
Company years …

Managing Directors Günter Specht and Daniela Kronenburg

Over 60 years in business and the continuous innovative development of KORIMAT autoclaves make them tried and tested appliances for food preservation.

Thanks to this high quality standard, we – KORIMAT Metallwarenfabrik – have established ourselves as a reliable partner for our customers. The company has been under the management of Günter Specht and Daniela Kronenburg since 2014.

With sales partners worldwide and a dedicated team of highly qualified employees, we have been able to establish KORIMAT autoclaves internationally over the last few decades. Our products enjoy an excellent reputation, which is reflected in the high demand for the KORIMAT.

Extension of the
Operating site
in 2018

Company building, main entrance

Due to the constantly growing demand for KORIMAT autoclaves, we expanded our production and operating facility in the summer of 2018 and relocated it from Haiger to Ballersbach in the Westerwald region of Hesse.

Thanks to the support of the ERDF European Regional Development Fund, we were able to implement our project “Expansion of the plant with relocation” quickly. We look forward to welcoming you to our new production hall at the next opportunity.

More power.
Shorter delivery times.

KORIMAT autoclaves in the finishing department

The aim of our new building is, on the one hand, to expand capacity and, on the other, to increase productivity and shorten delivery times for our customers.

The new building also offers us the opportunity to create more jobs. At this point, we also encourage women with the appropriate expertise and training to apply for the production sector!

More “space” for still
better customer loyalty.


In addition to the expansion of the production and storage areas, we now have a seminar and demonstration room that we can offer for seminars and trial cooking sessions. Talk to our sales representatives or make an appointment directly with us by calling 02772 -576413-0.

The company attaches great importance to close customer relations: for example, the commissioning of each appliance is accompanied by a KORIMAT Metallwarenfabrik employee, the operating personnel receive in-depth training, KORIMAT also reminds them of the legally prescribed inspection dates and carries out any necessary maintenance and repair work professionally.

We don’t just listen.
We listen too!

Company building, side entrance

Listening to customers is part of the company’s identity, as this is how KORIMAT was and is able to gather important information when customers talk about their production, experiences and plans. These experiences and plans are incorporated into the further development and innovation of KORIMAT appliances and also had a major influence on the development of the new fully automatic control system. The family-run company from Ballersbach in Hesse is thus fulfilling a wish that many customers have expressed.

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